Wednesday, June 17, 2009

#16: The Web-cam, a Brief History

I've always viewed webcam owners with suspicion, my opinions being formed by the more dubious characters at work who are known to use them.
When I did eventually go out and purchase myself one of these cheap little gadgets (along with a stylish, discrete headphone set), there was no guarantee that Lisa would submit to this new, much more exposed form of communication.
My thinking was merely that Lisa may get a thrill from seeing my real time reactions as I received her messages; at no time did I press Lisa to go out and actually buy a webcam for herself though.
I must point out the error in Lisa's earlier message: my conversations have never been known to wane. The web cam sessions allowed me the freedom to converse, unhindered at last by my limited keyboard skills, and okay, occasionally, I may have been a little too tired to carry my side of the conversation. For the most part though, I recall that Lisa was more than eager to do enough chatting for the both of us, and I in turn, was more than willing to sit and listen to her distinctively American accent as she related stories about her distant homeland.

Over the course of time, the webcam strengthened our friendship, took away the fantasy aspect of our relationship, and prepared us for the inevitable, real life encounter. The webcam is to this day a very important part of our relationship. I get seriously tetchy if I have to go 24 hours without a webcam chat with Lisa Jane.

The distractions of the early webcam sessions kept me from worrying about the new, frustrations that life was begining to throw my way....


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