Sunday, June 14, 2009

#15: Leaving Second Life for a New Begining

Dear Reader,

Keep in mind that Andrew and I are separated by not only a great distance, but a 6-hour time difference. He works in shifts, so there are days when this is to our advantage. Even so, the poor man has spent many a day taking a rest before dutifully getting up prior to the midnight hour his time, when I arrive home.

Upon logging in to SL one day in February, Andrew shared a link to a website and asked me to go there. I did so, and the software was downloaded. Thus began our new life of web-camming.

And there he was. There was no disappointment; in fact, quite the opposite. While it did take a bit of time to get used to this new venue, it was more due to the fact that we were finally more interruptions by our SL friends, as much as they endeared our hearts and were cause to keep the conversation flowing. We were now on our own.

At first, the conversation would sometimes wane, but we quickly grew to know more about each other. One thing discovered is that, despite the vast difference between British and US humor, we could make each other laugh. Oh, the laughter that has happened over the past year is more than 40+ years combined.

Realizing that this relationship was developing, it was time to discuss the next step: a real life meeting.

Lisa Jane

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