Saturday, June 6, 2009

#7: Second Life

Dear Readers,

And then I stumbled upon a second life. Nooo, silly. Get your mind out of the gutter. This is not like my friend across the street whose huband decided to post pictures of himself on the internet to attract other women.

The Second Life web site kept cropping up in training periodicals that I was subscribed to. It sounded like a potential opportunity for our company's global training, which I am a small part of within Hilton Hotels. After a few months of reading about it, I spent the weekend logging in and created Pied Pfeffer.

Second Life (SL) is a fascinating place, filled with people from all over the world with great creative talents. While enticed by the opportunity to experience it from a work aspect, it was easy to succomb to the social life.

Making friends in SL is much like real life, with the difference being you never know who is behind the avatar. But then, do we really know who is behind the person in front of us?

In December of 2007, I logged on to SL. The home page simulator was down, and it sent my avator to another land. It ended up being a public park, and there on a bench was a male avatar dressed in a dunce cap and Groucho Marx glasses and slippers. Despite the silly accessories, there was something instinctively special about the man behind the avatar.

Lisa Jane

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