Saturday, June 6, 2009

#1: Before It Began

Dear Readers,

There is a long-running debate on whether there is one soul mate for each of us on Earth or if there are many out there we would suitably be partnered with, and it is only a matter of effort. I had no idea what the answer was.

And then I met Andrew.

But before launching into how we met, you probably need some background information. I am a female in my mid-40's, never married, no children. My parents set the example of an ideal marriage.

Throughout years of dating a few good men that didn't work out for one reason or another, I gave up on the thought of marriage. Aunt Jane once prophesied that I was holding out for a relationship like my parents had and might never marry. I interpreted it to mean that I would never find someone like our father. I was wrong in that concept; she meant that I might not find someone as well-suited to build a relationship together that was as strong as our parents had.

It all started with the Internet. As a collector of both tangible and intangible things, the Internet became my playground. And e-Bay was discovered.

Lisa Jane

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