Thursday, June 18, 2009

#19 A First Restrained Meeting. The trip part two.

There was something seriously amiss about my travel arrangements, and my usually reliable travel agent was about to come close to scuppering all my attempts at meeting my appointment with Lisa Jane.

The fact that I did actually manage to arrive in D.C. and meet up with Lisa as planned was incredible; the fact that my luggage also arrived was miraculous.

Lisa was sat on the luggage conveyor, and I did quite well in recognising her, especially considering she was wearing a Groucho mask. I managed only the weakest of smiles, the trip had been a test of my resolve and patience, and I could only feign some semblance of composure. In truth, I probably looked more like a rabbit caught in the headlamps.

It is worth bearing in mind that Lisa was taking a risk here, I was still just some guy off the internet at this stage. I realised this of course but had no exigency plan in place for if she did suddenly just panic and leave, this in turn left me feeling strained and vulnerable.

Washington is a imposing city by repute, and I was too exhausted to contemplate negotiating my way through this huge foreign metropolis in search of accommodation. I will readily admit that I was worried.

This was my first introduction to the real life Lisa Jane, and within a few minutes, I began to recognise her as the self same woman I had come to admire during the long months of nightly web cam chats. She was the one link I had to my normal existence back home, and I began to relax as she took control of the situation. I felt all the more relaxed as I began to sense that an opportunity for sleep was close at hand, the last few days had been a physical challenge, a good night's sleep and then I could start to enjoy being around this wonderful lady.

The next day involved a trip to a mansion and its adjoining parkland but that can wait till the next blog.....


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