Saturday, June 6, 2009

#2: e-Bay

Dear Readers,

"Input" is a Strength is identified by the Gallup Organisation as a collector of things, be it information or tangible belongings. It is a habit ingrained in those that have it in our Top 5 Strengths. You may not recognize it in terms of a label, but you know who we are and call upon us when needed. "Do you still have that e-mail that a co-worker sent out 6 months ago?" Yes, of course we have it archived and are elated that you called upon us to dredge it up...because we saved it.

e-Bay is the playground of people with Input. It started with a search for all things related to Frank Llyod Wright. Backing up, one of my earliest memories is visiting Falling Water, one of FLW's creations in Pennsylvania, USA. At the time, children my age were not allowed to tour the house, so I was tucked away in a play center while the adults toured the site. Despite this, something clicked. I can keenly recall the walk up to the house. Years later, memories of that walk flooded back when revisiting the house with Aunt Jane and Mom.

Back to e-Bay...upon discovering it, there was a desire to know what was for sale that was previously owned or touched by Frank Lloyd Wright. After a few months of monitoring, 2 items were purchased (I'm ashamed to tell you how much was spent), and I realized that this was a site that needed to be put in check.

Lisa Jane

P.S. If anyone is in the market for a scrap of bright lime green, purple and orange carpet reminant that resided in the Phoenix Biltmore Hotel before their renovation in the '80s and that was supposedly designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (it certainly looks like it), please contact me.

I also have a ring commissioned by FLW for one of his wives. It is a lovely Australian opal in an obviously designed FLW gold setting. Okay, so it barely fits on my pinky finger and I'd have to put my arm in a support in order to hold it up under all the weight...the stone is HUGE. It could make a nice Texas belt buckle; it's that large.

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