Thursday, June 18, 2009

#18 Thrown into a maelstrom. The trip part one.

In my mind, the week of our first meeting is still a massed jumble of loosely connected episodes; my brain has not yet processed them all into one tangible whole. A table of ingredients: I can remember each herb and spice's individual taste, but the finished recipe is far too rich to digest.

Fortified by caffeine and adrenalin, my body fighting off an excusable exhaustion; my senses were suddenly overwhelmed by an onslaught of intense experiences. The initial meeting at Washington Dulles international airport and the following days in Lisa's company were seismic in their effect on my bemused and intoxicated faculties.

I could write page upon page, relating incident upon incident, bore you with stories of shared breakfasts, mountain top hugs or surreptitious kisses. It will suffice though just to know that on returning home and allowing myself some time to reflect, I came to realise that somewhere within that confusing and bewildering week I had fallen in love.


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