Monday, June 8, 2009

#8: Second Life Part 2

Dear Readers,

The virtual world of SL is not meant for everyone, as discovered upon the urging of co-workers who took one look at it and said "no thanks". I finally learned to continue the pursuit of finding out what this life offered alone, both work-related and from a social aspect.

After the quick chat with Andrew and his friend, I headed off to Midnight Reflections, where my fellow 80's music friends hang out (miss you all!) The next night, when logging in, I (or Pied) landed in the same public park, and there was Rew Rossini, sitting on the same park bench. Apparently, the home page was reset for Mauve, the park in the public island in SL. Thus began an almost daily conversation between the two of us. Within a week, I knew that this was someone that was a dear friend for life.

Rew Rossini was quite open with who he was in real life, while I felt the need to keep it guarded. There are some really, really, questionable people logged in to SL. Andrew was the only one in SL I had ever met who customized the look of his avatar to be sculputred after his true self; most lean towards a youthful and glamorous look. Also, on one of his SL information tabs, he had a link to a web-site that had real life photos posted, so it was known who was really behind the Groucho Marx mask.

I now look back on his trust in this attempt at a relationship; I was privvy to much personal information about him, while Andrew had virtually name, no image.

With the Christmas holiday approaching, we shared our plans, which included both of us going to spend the holiday with our families.

Lisa Jane

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