Monday, June 22, 2009

#23: DerMar

Dear Reader,

By the time Andrew and I returned to our separate and anti-social lives, his focus was on the selling of his house, while on this end, it was on the restructuring of Hilton Hotels. Both were much needed. It was obvious that Andrew should finalize the sale of his original house, move out of the rental (and bid Mortimer the Rat a fond farewell), and find an appropriate place to live.

Andrew's Deliberative side required that he wait until his house sold before looking for a new one; my Activator quality wanted him to at least search out potential opportunities. After signing up for 2 web-sites that posted houses for sale, I'd come home from work and check out the links sent. Knowing his preferred price-range and location, I'd pass on ones that could be a possibility. While walking around Darwen to inspect the houses, Andrew would often take photos and send them to me. It was quite an insight into the British culture, such as the red mail boxes.

And during one of Andrew's breaks from work, he posted another video that pokes a bit of fun at Darwen, but is greatly treasured. I don't expect you to watch it, as it's a bit long for the outside observer; just know that upon viewing it, I couldn't help but laugh through it all, until the beautiful ending, which still makes me tear up.

Still on the search, several houses were ruled out for a variety of reasons, and then we hit upon DerMar. Upon receiving the link, the house piqued his interest, and at some point, he invited his parents to tour the house for their opinion. In American terms, it was a home run. His house sold, and he bought DerMar.

Lisa Jane

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