Sunday, June 14, 2009

#14: A SL Engagement

Dear Reader,

After the holidays of 2007, Andrew and I were back in touch via Second Life. The e-mail exchange had brought about a new facet to the relationship, yet SL was a way to communicate at the same time via instant-messaging...the best substitute for conversing at the time.

In SL, your "birthday" is the day that you joined the web site. Andrew's SL birthday was at the end of January. With this duly noted, on the appointed day, a celebration was offered up. Andrew was quite gracious despite this silly observation. In fact, he wasn't even aware of it. We spent the evening chatting in Mauve as usual.

Also in SL, there is an option to announce your commitment to someone else. It consists of a quick message exchange that results in a posting on each others' sites that the two people are SL partners. Andrew knew at the time that it was ridiculous, but it would mean a symbolic step forward to me. And so Andrew offered a proposal to a SL relationship on his SL anniversary. And of course, I was elated to accept.

Lisa Jane

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