Saturday, June 6, 2009

#5: Ansestry

Dear Readers,

Meeting people via an online dating service didn't work out, so I resorted to dead people. As ghastly as it sounds, it is only another web site. Living a solitary life searching for ancestors was suited at the time. It allowed the Input to kick in and collect a list of relatives. It appears that we are mainly from England and Germany.

There is a link to Famous Ancestors that include inventors (Eastman, Whitney and Winchester), writers (Tennyson, Dickenson, and Thoreau), actors (Hepburn, Wayne and Dean), US Presidents (Hayes and Reagan), and I'll admit to a skeleton or two in the closet.

Lisa Jane

P.S. To the family: we actually have ancestors named Patience and Mercy, to name a few, from the 1600's in New England. The good news is that none of them appear to have been stoned for being affiliated with witchcraft...obviously, or the line would have ended before we came along.

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