Sunday, June 14, 2009

#13: That video again.

With the Boxing Day video I accomplished my primary objective in that Lisa Jane continued with her email correspondences right through my Christmas break, and I now had no need to doubt that Pied Pfeffer would be waiting for me in SL once I returned from my lengthy hiatus.

Judging from the emails immediately following Boxing Day, the video had created a far more positive impression than I had thought possible. It seemed that the short film held some powerfully positive attribute that was hidden from my eyes or else my clumsy attempt at wooing had proven endearing rather than oafish.

Its charm is still lost on me to this day, probably because embarrassingly enough, that inarticulate idiot who is on screen is the self same fool that faces me in the bathroom mirror every morning. If anybody from work was ever to uncover this masterpiece, I would no doubt face weeks of ridicule, and with this in mind, I removed the file from youtube at the earliest opportunity. It disappeared from public view for only 24 hours though, at which point a dismayed Lisa intimated that she would appreciate its immediate return.

Jumping the gun; exactly one year later and I presented Lisa Jane with a much more expensive and better thought out birthday gift: an engagement ring. Apparently though even this could not come close in Lisa's estimation to the surprise gift of that earlier birthday.

My recollection regarding the exact ordering in the sequence of events that followed Christmas is now far from reliable, and I must fall back on Lisa's accounts to some degree. Our activities within SL were really inconsequential to me at this point; Second Life was merely a vehicle I used in order to keep up communications with Lisa Jane. Our discussions tended to center around the possibilities that lay ahead for us both and together we plotted our next move: perhaps a real life meeting.

By the way, did I mention that all these weekday sessions would last for hours and that they would begin once Lisa arrived home from work, this was at the unsociable hour of midnight by my time.


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