Tuesday, June 9, 2009

#9: Prologue

I believe that I too have some input in this blog, and although by nature I tend to be guarded, I feel that my take on events may add accuracy whenever and wherever my beloved Lisa Jane lapses into fanciful misremembered reverie.

The tag 'confirmed bachelor' was created originally with me in mind. (You need only purchase a good English encyclopedia to confirm this.) I was content within my own little terraced house, living an antisocial but self indulgent lifestyle. Life was indeed good; I needed only a local library, a well stocked kitchen, and a reliable internet connection in order to live out the rest of my existence in a self satisfied, blissful fashion, unawares that a better alternative could ever be achieved.

Although I now view Second Life with a degree of distaste, it was instrumental in changing my entire outlook on life. Upon its discovery, I suddenly found myself conversing with people outside my usual sphere, a diverse range of intelligent, cultured and occasionally freakish individuals, most with radically different backgrounds to my own. Suddenly, at the age of 40+, I realized that I wasn't as antisocial as I'd always imagined myself to be and much out of character: I became addicted to my daily dose of online smalltalk.

Almost a year into SL though, and my interest was beginning to wane, it seemed that the freaks and ruder elements of this virtual society were in the ascendancy, and I was close to quitting.

Real life now came to the fore, as I had the arduous task of moving into a rented house whilst my own home had some building work done to it. I found myself living in an expensive, yet run down property, sleeping on the floor, with all my processions boxed up in one room and living on a diet of microwave meals. With this as my backdrop I became all the more reliant upon my escapist existence within Second Life, and it was at this juncture that I fatefully met one Pied Pfeffer...


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