Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#30: The Here and Now.

Seven months down the line; I can now move from past to present tense and the blog can start to fulfill its intended purpose: that of keeping family and friends informed of our progress.

From this point on, nothing within our story will be leading to a known resolution, and our relationship will move from one transient episode to the next. We will use this blog to record certain points within our unpredictable journey. There will be no 'happily ever after' to aim for, just an aimless, meandering series of incidents, opinions and missives.

My role at this present stage is over. I am just as much an observer as you are, with all the activity taking place on the other side of the Atlantic. Lisa Jane has now finished working for Hilton, leaving her time to finalize the preparations for her big move whilst she awaits the processing of her visa application. I, for my part, sit impatiently longing for this separation to come to an end, powerless to help and often restricting progress by monopolizing of Lisa's valuable time with prolonged internet chats.

Hopefully, my next blog entry will be in around a month's time and will tell of Lisa Jane's arrival in the UK. Let the adventure begin.....


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