Monday, July 20, 2009

#27: The Aftermath.

Lisa Jane's trip was successful in that it added a new clarity to our future plans and beginning our life together in Darwen could now be viewed as a definitive goal rather than just a viable option. Having this tangible destination to aim for meant we could now concert our efforts into reaching this one objective; we were entering new and unknown territory.

Our discussions turned upon visas, house sales, tax laws, health insurance and other unpalatable matters whilst a new pragmatism entered the relationship; plans were laid down and the timescale suggested that we could possibly be living together by the next summer.

Suddenly though, I was beginning to realize that my part had been played out, as daunting as the next stages sounded, the onus had shifted entirely to Lisa Jane, I was merely an impatient bystander.

It was decided that we should spend Christmas together in England and so I now moved my efforts into preparing for the festivities, this needed to be special, it is not every Christmas you get engaged.


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